WFF is represented in more than 60 countries and every year there are dozens of events overseas where you will have the opportunity to compete.


We believe in supporting people all through their competitive career and we will work with you to help you decide where to find your best opportunities for development.


WFF was established in 1968 and offers something unique to all competitors.  Join in the long tradition of bodybuilding and fitness that the World Fitness Federation embodies.


We believe in providing you with genuine and rewarding experiences. Every year we provide financial and travel incentives to our competitors worth more than $70,000.


A sense of friendship and family is very important to us. When you compete, you aren't a number, you're part of the team. Every year our athletes form strong relationships all over the world.


The WFF community includes thousands of athletes, gyms and fitness centres, photographers, supplement and clothing brands and much, much more. You will be part of a global community, not just a local event.