How do I become a WFF Pro?

WFF International offers amateur competitors the opportunity to join the WFF Pro division at more than 25 events around the world. Competitors must win their class at an applicable WFF Pro Qualifier in accordance with the WFF Pro Division Regulations. Generally speaking, a Pro Card will only be awarded when there are more than three competitors in a class, and the relevant competitors meet the requisite standard for entry into the WFF Pro Division. WFF International maintains professional classes in bodybuilding, figure, women's sports model, men's sports model, bikini model, beach model, and aerobics.

Are Pros allowed to compete as amateurs?

WFF Professional athletes are not permitted to enter amateur WFF events. WFF considers it unsporting for Professionals to enter amateur events, especially as Novice or First Time competitors. Earning your Pro Status in your federation should be considered an honour and should be treated with respect.

Where a WFF Professional enters an amateur contest in another federation, WFF may revoke the invitation for that person to compete as a WFF Professional, except where the person earns their Pro Status in another federation.

For example, if a WFF Pro enters a Pro Qualifier in another federation and earns their Pro Status in that federation, they are able to continue competing as a WFF Pro.

How do I qualify to compete at overseas?

Major WFF international events such as the Universe and World Championships, amongst other shows, are by team selection only. All national teams must be selected or nominated by WFF Australia. In season A (January to June) WFF Australia holds qualifiers in most capital cities for selection to compete in the WFF Universe. In Season B (July to December) the Australian Championships is the National Qualifier for the WFF World Championships.

Other qualifying events may be held throughout the year. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us overseas.

Will NABBA/WFF Australia sponsor me to compete?

WFF Australia does not provide direct sponsorship as this might create a feeling of bias towards certain competitors. There are plenty of fantastic brands  that support competitors through sponsorship and brand ambassadorships and we recommend contacting those brands to enquire about whether they would be interested in supporting you. From time to time, WFF Australia offers travel incentives to competitors as an award for winning competitions. Please contact the promoter of an event to inquire as to whether any travel incentives are offered.

I’m a professional with another organisation. Can I compete with WFF Australia?

The simple answer is yes. However, in the same way that WFF discourage Pros from competing as amateurs, some other organisations have similar policies. You should ensure that you are aware of any obligations under your current Pro Status before stepping on stage.

Can I compete outside my home state?

In Season A, all events are open competitions which means anyone from anywhere in Australia can compete in those events.

In Season B, the State Qualifiers are restricted to residents of those states as they are qualifiers for the Australian Championships.