Where you fit in

Figure classes represent the more developed end of physique competitions in terms of muscularity and condition. Competitors in figure classes are expected to have a fully developed physique with superior conditioning compared to other classes such as Bikini Model and Sports Model.

The Figure category has several classes, all of which are judged based on the same physical criteria.

All of the aspects of the physique are important when judging bodybuilding and figure. Competitors in these classes are expected to display a high to very high degree of muscularity and condition. The overall size of the competitor becomes more of a contributing factor to the final placings when considered alongside the proportion of the physique. A competitor who is out of proportion, no matter what size, will struggle to find a top three placing against smaller competitors who are better proportioned.

WFF Australia's figure classes include:

  • Junior - Under 24 years of age
  • Masters - Over 55 years of age
  • Novice - Never placed first in any competition in any federation
  • First Timers - First contest ever entered in any federation
  • Height/Weight Restricted Classes - Fitness, Performance, Athletic, Superbody and Extreme (where applicable)

Please check with the organisers or promoters of each event to confirm the classes available.



What your judges look for

Judges look for a range of aspects when judging a competitor's physique.

  • Muscularity – the amount of visible muscle on a competitor.
  • Condition – the definition or separation of individual muscles, and muscle groups.
  • Size – the overall size of the physique, or parts of the physique, relative to the competitor’s height.
  • Shape – the aesthetic quality and curvature of individual muscle groups.
  • Proportion – the relative size of one individual part of the physique as compared to another.
  • Symmetry – the relative proportion of the left and right sides of the physique.
  • Balance – the relative proportion of the lower and upper halves of the physique.

In addition to the physical aspects of judging, competitors should also consider the importance of their Stage Presence. That is the confidence, and overall positive energy they project while on stage. This is especially important for Model categories.

Each one of these aspects plays a vital role, and depending on the category, may be weighted differently in terms of judging the physique.

Figure competitors complete three separate rounds of judging wherein the panel will determine the winner based on the various aspects of the physiques on stage. The first round is the 60 second individual free posing routine. The second and third rounds are judged in groups; the symmetry round (quarter turns) and the muscularity round (compulsory poses).