National Training Centres


Athletique Health Club

Athletique Health Club (AHC) was established in 1991 by Graeme Lancefield. Since the doors first opened, it has been a home away from home for athletes from all walks of life, and has seen thousands of bodybuilders get their first taste for the iron game. Whether you're new to bodybuilding or a seasoned veteran, AHC is veritable playground of modern and classic equipment. Suited to all training styles, AHC's free and machine weights sections will rival any bodybuilding gym in the world.

Aside from the gym, AHC is the headquarters of the World Fitness Federation in Australia, and is frequented by top WFF trainers and athletes.

Kahma 24/7 Gym

Owned and operated by WFF Champion and Promoter, Kamaldip Kahma, the Kahma 24/7 Gym is a force to be reckoned with in Melbourne's west.

On top of being a world class bodybuilder, Kamal has also starred in a number of Bollywood productions, and is dedicated to the health and fitness of everyone who steps through the door at Kahma 24/7 Gym.

Kahma 24/7 has all the facilities you could want including a huge range of cardio, machine and free weights, as well as group fitness classes. You'll also be able to stack up on your favourite supplements and training accessories while you're there.


Tabban Muscle & Body Shape

The name Tabban is synonymous with bodybuilding in Australia. For more than thirty years Team Tabban has worked with competitors of all ages and abilities to bring their absolute best to the stage. Their competition coaching caters for all needs and physiques – from novice to Pro, from bikini models to bodybuilders. They teach the art of posing and the importance of poise, allowing our athletes to step on stage for the very first time looking like pros.

Successful competition preparation relies on education, motivation, mentoring and positive support. Anyone in the industry knows that Tabban coaches will be there with you every step of the way, from the moment you begin your journey to stage and beyond your competition season.



AB Factory

AB Factory is owned and operated by WFF Pro and Ms Universe, Trish Veugelaers, and former British soldier, Dave Oulton. Trish and Dave are body transformation and athletic conditioning specialists, as well as being sports nutritionists.

Together, Dave and Trish have coached and motivated thousands of men and women to change their lives, achieve their best shape ever and actually start loving working out and eating healthy.

T1 Fitness Australia

In 2021, we welcomed T1 Fitness Australia to the WFF team. T1 Fitness showcases state of the art cardio and weight training facilities from Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and more.

Located in the heart of Melbourne's South East, T1 Fitness is the ideal place to take your bodybuilding training up a notch.

In addition to the outstanding facilities, T1 Fitness also comes a dozen coaches specialising in a range of training styles as well as being multilingual.